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School Holiday Or Harvest Coffee

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The sun's rays burst out from behind the leaves of coffee trees. The cold was so pronounced. Small foot steps up the hill covered with coffee trees. Silent, silent.

Little legs kept moving. His back, a plastic bag that has been modified lodged in his shoulder. Occasionally he stopped because of fatigue uphill. Then continue climbing.

That routine Ewin, a class V student elementary school (SD). Picking coffee is the main activity, even more important than school. Since At 08.00 pm, Ewin was preparing his lunch alone, ranging from clothes, shoes to drink. Only lunch and snacks prepared by parents.

Coffee plantation owned by his parents pretty much. That is in the hills in the highlands district, while his home in Takengon, Central Aceh. However, according to him, his garden is not too far, as the garden of his friends a lot more. "My friend if the garden had to spend the night, brother," he told me.

That day, in fact I do not think to come into the garden Ewin, but out of curiosity I was asked to participate. I am curious because I saw him appear no school like the days before.

Apparently, so many children are involved in the coffee plantation. They are not only involved in the affairs of picking cherries at harvest, even when cleaning the coffee plantations are also involved. As Ewin. He has helped to clear the land customary garden which covers nearly an acre.

Out of curiosity, I also asked friends in Gayo, especially Takengon and highlands, was the involvement of children in the coffee plantation very much and is considered normal. Even leaving the school to pick coffee also become commonplace.

Conditions Ewin apparently nothing compared to Ayu (7). One day I saw him look to take it easy in front of her house in the village tribe, District Banda, District highlands.

I wondered why he had not gone to school, but was past 07:30 o'clock. The little girl was thin and black that just holding a little blue bucket.

Out of curiosity I had approached. Before I could ask, from the mouth out the words, "That's cool ... I do not go to school today," he shouted as he walked towards me."Today is not a day off," I thought the confusion. Curious, I asked him.

"Why not go to school?"

"I help Mama nyuruh permanent coffee fruit," he replied casually. As he fiddled with his left hand bucket there.

I just shake heads bracelet, Between confused and ignorant like laughing at Ayu.

"Kan loss does not go to school," I said again."What's lost brother. I can get the money, really ".Ayu answer surprised me. Then Ayu was going to leave.I can not imagine. If in that age Ayu was thinking of money, what would the future.Without realizing it, it was child exploitation at the coffee plantation had passed the threshold. Because, almost most of the children are also involved in pre-and post-harvest activities.Intention parents so that their children might take care and help, but due to excessive so as to be not good for the development of the child, for example, Ayu said. The world of children has also been borientasi money. Anyone care?


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